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Dominate Google Like Casey Does For 'Lynnwood SEO'


Casey Peacock - Lynnwood SEO Expert

Casey Peacock – SEO Expert

Get You To the TOP of Google Maps…

Just like what I have done for my business in the image above I can do the same for your business too. Hello and Welcome. My name is Casey Peacock and I’m sure you found this page by searching Google using the term “lynnwood seo” (acronym for search engine optimization). Perhaps you’re thinking what’s the big deal about being on top of Google Maps?

For one thing they are usually the first organic listings that show up ahead of everything else. On top of that because of the dominance of hand held devices in use today, Google now only lists the top three map positions above the fold. In other words, if your business is not listed in the top three positions because you’re listed forth or worse, your competitors have at least a 70% chance of getting the call over your business because your potential customer won’t even see your listing.

If You’re Not Ranking Then What Do You Do?

Maybe you’re buying ad placements on Google’s Adwords platform and or Bing Ads or others digital platforms for exposure. If that’s the case, I would be the last person to knock buying Adwords or other ad placements because I view those ads as a supplement to SEO campaigns. As a matter of fact, if you really want to totally dominate Google’s search engine results pages for your money getting keywords, you’ll not only have multiple positions in the organic listings but also an Adwords campaign running as well. After all, having another link from Google pointing to your web property sitting right there on page 1 is like icing on the cake.

Perhaps You’re Asking Yourself…

Why do I need a SEO Expert for a local business? Simple answer is because with smart phones in everyone’s hands, the Internet has replaced the phone book as people turn to local searches to find the businesses in their area that meet their needs.

Right now I can help you get your business mobile friendly and found on Google Maps and Bing Maps, local organic listings (which are the best kind because studies have proven that people would rather click on organic listings than known advertisements) and dominate with multiple page one positions. I would love to provide you with a free consultation and include a website analysis, and then give you an honest assessment of the changes that could be made to improve your business in a full report you can instantly download in PDF format. Contact me to get started today.

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Google My Business - Map Pins

Is Your Website Lost In Google’s Sandbox where every speck of sand represents a site that no one will ever find? Get your website found by putting your business on the Map with a Google My Business page. We’ll earn you a Map Pin through careful optimization strategies. With 80% of Internet users owning smart phones and other hand held devices, Map Pins are becoming crucial because they usually appear first above the fold in organic listings! UPDATE: August 6, 2015 Google Rolled out the “Snack Pack” that now features the top three local businesses on their maps!

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Mobile Friendly Website Special

Comply with Google’s last major update that rolled out April 21, 2015 by ordering a mobile friendly website based on your current content, look and feel. I’m doing this service exclusively through the end of February 2017 at Over 35% OFF and NO Monthly Web Hosting Fees. The site will be yours to keep on your own hosting account. All bets are OFF after February as we may be selling hosting accounts with this service. See NEW Google Update: “Mobile Page Speed Now A Ranking Factor”

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Modernize Your Website

Create a great new look and feel with your own modern looking website that resizes down for mobile use. Complete Web Development Packages. Order yours today (425) 345-2278. Lynnwood SEO is centrally located serving areas from North Seattle and Bellevue to Everett and Marysville in the North Sound Region.


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